Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Car booty bargains

With all good intentions, I haven't managed to update or post anything on here since my first post! So I thought I would update with my latest additions which I bought at the car boot sale on Sunday.

I have only ever been to a car boot to sell before so I was very excited about what treasures I might find!

And look at this for a treasure! A vintage 1950's picnic hamper for 2, all items present and never been used!

You can see that the original packaging is still on some bits! Although unfortunately someone spilt paint on the outside.

Should I use it? What do you think?

I also bought this.........

The frame was bought seperately so I need to get some different backing paper.

I am so pleased with my finds! I will definently visit another car boot in the near future!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The first chapter

Wowee, the first post of my first ever bog! This blog is going to be a diary of my little haven; my home which I moved into one snowey January day in 2010. One and a half years on, there is still so much to do!

To start with here are a few pictures from my garden;

The table and chair set were a donation from my sister in law..... have not got a 'before' pic to show but they were in a very neglected state when I gratefully received them!

This summer I was donated some stone flower pots....

And with a lick of paint they now look like this!

Lots more fun and pretty projects to come, both inside and outside the house.........